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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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begin in an half-hour, meant to honor michael russell. the 15-year-old died on november 10, 2009, after police say two classmates repeatedly stabbed him at his family's south san jose home. his family hopes -- holds a candlelight vigil every year to spread the message stand up and use your voice against bullying. they year they're waiting for justice. >> not here physically with us. he'll always be a part of our family. >> it is three years later, but there's still a family here. and we will always remember michael. we are going to stay here and fight for justice. >> reporter: the family is awaiting the teens, jay williams and randy thompson, to be brought to trial. thompson who was 16 and williams who was 15 at the time of the killing are both being charged as adults. their next court appearance on s on november 26. since their preliminary hearing in october of 2010, there have been a number of continuances that have delayed this trial. live in san jose tonight,
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kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new information tonight in the search for a killer in the south bay, as well. police in san jose say they found the body of 50-year-old troy navenzo this afternoon, the day after police say he killed his wife. they found him in his car parked on the side of the road on highway 12 the south of gilroy. they believe he committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. his wife, patricia, was found yesterday in the couple's home in south san jose. they're not revealing the cause of death but said someone had called 911 around 5:30 in the morning and then hung up. the couple had been married for 27 years. family members say they had been going through marital problems, but nothing they thought would lead to this. we have an update now on a situation involving a plane from the bay area. here's video of the runway at denver national airport. you see it's very wet there. apparently a southwest jet from oakland holding 125 passengers
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landed a few hours ago. when the temperatures were just dropping below zero. as the plane was taxiing to the gate, it slid off the runway. here's a leak at the radar and weather condition at the time of the accident. you see that snow was increasing in the denver area at the time. no injuries were reported there, and by the way, it was flight 1905 from oakland. here in the bay area, we saw freezing temperatures overnight, as well. and more to come tonight. that's after record highs just a couple of days ago. remember that -- meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with a look. yeah, we've had this incredible swing of weather fortune in the last five days. we started the week with those 80s and high pressure just locked in over the west coast. here's the reason why we've seen extremes. you had high pressure built in. notice the jet stream way to the north. that's the ultimate in dry and warm weather. now we have the complete opposite pattern. that cold system that brought snow to mt. hamilton and rain across the bay area bringing the heavy snow into denver, it's pumping in cold, canadian air.
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with our clear skies tonight and light winds, frost advisories up through 8:00 tomorrow across the north bay inland valleys into solano county, by the delta. and our inland east bay valleys, alameda and contra costa counties, you see temperatures dipping to the mid 30s. coldest locations likely to be around santa rosa where we'll get at least a couple of hours in the low 30s. a reminder as we get into this time of year, bring in the pet from outdoors on nights like this. protect the temperature-sensitive plants, and protect those outdoor pipes, too. we could see problems with that as temperatures dip into the low 30s. so that's the story tonight. the bigger picture looking at the seven-day forecast is going to include plenty of opportunities for some rain. we'll let you know if that's going to impact the rest of our veterans day weekend coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. diane? >> all right. speaking of pipes, the cold temperatures are being blamed for a water main break in palo alto early this morning. nbc bay area's monty francis has a look at what happened. hello, monty. >> reporter: good evening. it was apparently a rapid change
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in temperature that caused this eight-inch water main to break. tonight homeowners are resting easy, but that was not the case just a matter of hours ago. it was about 35 degrees when the pipe burst at about 2:00 this morning on newel road between channing avenue and embarkadero road. the streets were rushing with water and many homeowners spent the early morning hours watching as crews worked to fix the broken pipe. there was one home on newell road that was flooded by the water. the people who lived there spent the morning cleaning up. >> the water rose a half an inch in my house, part of the house. we're trying to resolve that issue. today, went on until 6:00 in the morning. right now they're drying everything out, that's what's going on. >> reporter: there's no word on how much damage was done to the home. crews dug up and took out the damaged pipe and replaced it with a new section of pipe, and water service was restored to residents at about 11:30 morning. this could end up being an issue for other neighborhoods across the bay area because i'm told that sudden change in
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temperature can cause problems or pose a risk for old pipes that already are in need of repair. live in palo alto, monty francis, numbebc bay area news. critics say it's a free pass to get out of jail. california voters passed prop 36 changing the three strikes policy. now thousands of prisoners who have weak third strikes might soon be set free, and their loved ones are waiting open arms. we have one family's emotional story. i want my brother to know that we love him, that we're waiting for him, and i can't wait to see my mom's arms around him. and when he's home, our family will be complete. >> reporter: elizabeth cruz says her family finally has hope. the passage of proposition 36 means her brother, robert john cruz, may be getting out of prison. cruz is serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug possession
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conviction. a conviction that under the state's three strikes law sent him away for life. >> he has paid for more than enough. he's done more than enough time already. >> reporter: cruz's mother says the punishment didn't fit the crime. and now that californians have voted to revise the law, the mother of ten is hopeful her family will soon be together again. >> this is what he did for me for mother's day, for birthdays. for christmases, thanksgivings. like my daughter said, we're family. things that we do -- i have a bunch of pictures. and he's not in none of them for the last ten years. it hurts. you're not complete without a child. >> this is huge. very heartening. >> reporter: contra costa's public defender says that public defender across the state are trying to qualify who may qualify for resentencing hearings. she believes some inmates may win early release in just a
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matter of weeks. >> clearly the intent of the law is to release these people who are serving long sentences for minor crimes. and hopefully the judges will be on board with that. >> reporter: the cruz family hopes their loved one will be one of them. >> i just thank god because it's a miracle. it's emotional because my mom might be able to see her son walk out a free man. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the oakland raiders are in baltimore preparing for tomorrow's game against the ravens. they'll play that game with heavy hearts. a defensive line coach's son died. terrell williams' 4-year-old son tyson suddenly became sick and died last night at oakland's children's hospital. raiders' head coach dennis allen released a statement saying, "we're all deeply saddened by the passing of tyson, and our deepest sympathies go out to terrell and his entire family." allen says the defensive coaching staff will share the
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workload in his absence, allowing him time to mourn with his family before returning to work. coming up next at 6:00, it's official. the final vote count from florida is in. we'll show you. plus, tensions are mounting nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hit the east coast. what prompted some people to protest today. there's a hint right there. and some high-flying contraptions -- whoa! we'll show you what was going on there. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover,
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it's now official. president obama can claim victory in florida. the state finally finished counting all the votes today. florida election officials say the president carried 50% of the vote to mitt romney's 49.1%. a difference of about 74,000 votes. the president had enough electoral votes to win re-election on tuesday without florida, moving florida into the blue column now increases the president's electoral vote total to 332 compared to romney's 206. it's been nearly two weeks since hurricane sandy hit the east coast. and some suburban new york homes are still without power tonight. and people there are getting more and more frustrated. [ honking ] >> dozens of people protested
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outsidet headquarters of the long island power authority today. right now nearly 140,000 homes and businesses still do not have electricity. new york governor andrew cuomo visited a neighborhood in queens today that's still in the dark. there is word tonight that crews hope to restore power to 99% of the homes by tuesday. the governor acknowledged that's not good enough. >> i think all the utility companies failed in several ways. i don't want to be harsh. i understand the storm was catastrophic in many ways. but i believe the utilities have to do a better job of being prepared and have to be in a better position to respond. >> the governor says the recovery effort is moving into its second phase which involves rebuilding and finding thousands of people permanent housing. he says that's a process that will take months. and coming up next, the "uss hornet" in alameda plays special tribute to neil armstrong. the ship has a place in nasa
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history alongside the late astronaut, and we'll explain that coming up. it's only :and it's already chilly outside. as you can see, mid to upper 40s in fairfield, santa rosa. half of the bay area spending the night in the 30s.
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vietnam veterans in the south bay broke ground today on a memorial in honor of the men who did not return home. the san jose vietnam war memorial will have the names of the 142 south bay men who were killed in action. the monument is located in guadalupe park across the street from h.p. pavillion. the project has deep personal meaning for many involved.
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>> we're absolutely ecoat ittic th -- ecstatic that this is being built. it's obviously not about us, it's about the 142 heroes that are going to be on this wall. we have guys on the wall that we grew up with, we went to high school with. >> organizers used private money for the project but are raising funds to pay some of the bills and for the upkeep. the memorial is expected to be completed in just about two months. the "uss hornet" museum in alameda paid tribute to the late neil armstrong today as parts of its veterans day ceremony. ♪ >> what does a hornet have to do with people th with neil armstrong? it commemorated the reopening of the "apollo" exhibit. in 1969 after the crew landed on the moon, the "uss hornet" recovered the astronauts when they returned back to earth. now the hornet museum houses the largest collection of "apollo"
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mission artifacts on the west coast. armstrong died on august 25 of this year. and right now we are going to check in with rob mayeda on the weather. it is pretty nutty going from record highs to freezing temperatures in, what, two days. >> yeah, it seems like it. we had 70s and 80s tuesday, almost to wednesday. now we can only manage highs in the upper 50s to near 60. look at the numbers, already 40s in the north bay, the locations, santa rosa, novnovato, fairfiel dipping to the 50s. 49 around half moon bay. notice the wind, a little bit of a sea breeze. and i think across the water of the inner bay you'll still see numbers in the 40s there. closer to the water, not as cold. our inland valleys, that dry air and clear sky tonight, you will see the numbers dipping into the 30s. low to mid 30s for, say, tomorrow morning and late tonight. right now, the radar view of the bay area looks dry. we still had stray showers right around salinas and gilroy this afternoon. now that the sun has set, those are starting to subside. also subsiding, the snow showers
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in the sierra. we had a lot of snow, as low as pollock pines on highway 50 this morning and near baxter on interstate 80. you see how the moisture is leaving the sierra. yosemite, snow earlier, around the higher peaks. that is transitioning toward the reeks. so high pressure building -- the rockies. so high pressure building in. we'll see a cool day tomorrow at candlestick. low 60s. mixed clouds for the afternoon. cooling by 3:00. speaking of the clouds, futurecast will show through tomorrow, looking at mid and high level clouds. notice no rain underneath the clouds yet. take a close look here at monday and tuesday. for the far north bay, toward santa rosa, monday into tuesday, looks like mendocino county, northern sonoma county, could see light rain. the jet stream not quite down to the bay area. just close enough to us that the farm north bay may see showers early in the week. then the rest of the bay area by wednesday and thursday will see the rain return and temperatures cool down again. speaking of cool tonight, we've got some low 30s in the north
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bay, santa rosa, sonoma, low 30s for overnight. mid 40s around san francisco and oakland. san jose, upper 30s. some of the coldest temperatures right down there toward gilroy, south of morgan hill. low 30s across the north bay, patchy frost and a frost advisory for inland valleys of the north bay and inland east bay through 8:00 tomorrow morning. low 60s for highs tomorrow. despite the chilly start and the filtered sunshine at times with the high clouds, not a bad sunday afternoon. partly cloudy skies, low to mid 60s around the tri-valley. upper 50s closer to san francisco. low 60s in oakland, and low 60s around the north bay which, by the way, again as we pointed out, monday into tuesday could see showers to the north. the temperatures coming up a bit. the warmest days of the week look to be monday into tuesday and then wednesday we're going to see that system drop down the coast. that will bring us the chance of seeing rain. i think wednesday night and thursday the entire bay area will see some rain once again. showers easing up a little bit into friday. then the pattern looks pretty active now.
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typical for this time of year. systems coming in every three to four days. not as cold as what we went through. this time next weekend looks like low rain coming back. none of those 70s and 80s. looks like we're done with the roller coaster seven-day forecast for a while, now in and out of opportunities for rain. >> that was totally crazy. even for us, that does not -- >> it is. the extremes in five days' time. >> nice skiing perhaps? >> boreal today, a foot and a half of now snow. thanks. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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safeway. ingredients for life. when you think of a cubby cove, you typically think of where giants fans gather to catch home run balls. instead, dare devils hoped to catch the mayor. this is the red bull flugtag show in san francisco. really a day of fun challenging people to build homemade,
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human-powered flying machines and try to pilot them off of 30-foot-high deck in hopes of achieving flight. as you can see, most don't achieve flight. flugtag, by the way, was apparently -- apparently means flying day in german. today the contraptions were launched off the tall bridge into the chilly water. >> awesome. amazing experience. i mean, i was going down, i lifted up for the tail -- i caught and then the foam snapped. we kind it flew back. hey, i landed on the thing. i was going to go down with my ship, man. >> that was a pretty nice landing compared to the rest. there's an america's cup connection to all this. among the flugtag participants, team oracle which used some of its wrecked $8 million catamaran to make the contraption for today. remember it wrecked during america's cup last month. so they decided to take the extra pieces and put it together. let's bring in henry wofford from comcast sports net.
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were you out there on one of those human flying machines? you'd have a good time. >> reporter: i had a rough landing and wanted to call in sick. but i'm okay, i'll fight through the pain. >> i'm glad. i'm relieved. roy r >> reporter:y could barely smell flugtag, you know better. coming up in sports, the raider' backfield hit hard by the injury bug. up next, we'll head to baltimore to explain which players are poised for a breakout performance. all coming up next.
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>> reporter: welcome back to nbc bay area. when san jose state head coach mike mcintyre took over the program in 2010, the spartans were still down in the dumps after a 2-9 season. now in its third season, the spartans sit at 7-2, having already secured their first winning season since 2006. could they keep it rolling? san jose state at new mexico state. spartans looking figure their fourth conference win. first quarter, eup 10-0. chandler with serious speed, 70-yard touchdown there. they were in control. second quarter, more of the same. to jones, it never fails. touchdown, jones. 101 yard receiving on the day. spartans rolling up 23-0. aggies would go down by 30 before this play here. quarterback andrew manly just
6:26 pm
drops the ball. scooping it up, taking it 37 yards for another t.d. he would account for three turnovers in the first half. heck of a player. what about the second half? throwing the fourth t.d. of the day. this time a 36-yard pass to the tight end. spartans win big 47-7. 14th ranked stanford hosting number 11 oregon state. 7-0 early. clock winding down in the first quarter. kevin hogan, solid effort in his first start. finds ryan hewitt. t.d., 14-0 stanford. second quarter, it was second and three to ron ward. scores from seven yards out, 14-7 stanford. we had a nice battle going on. a three-point game in the third. then the former standout fires
6:27 pm
to wheaton. all of a sudden oregon state is up 17-14. then 23-14 with seconds left in the third. hogan not giving up. stefan paler, he's big but he's got moves. nice stiff arm. t.d. right there. we've got a two-point game. fourth quarter for the final action. uh-oh -- don't worry about that. hogan after cody vass' fumble, hogan capitalizes, three touchdown. they complete the upset 27-23. silver and black made a trip out east to meet with the beast. the raiders tomorrow, banged up but counting on an upset. our kate longworth landed in baltimore and has this in-depth report. >> reporter: his teammates call him the fastest guy on the team. but does taiwan jones have what
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it takes to carry the team in baltimore on sunday? only time will tell. the third string running back due to injuries will get his first chance on sunday. the first chance to show what he can do. he has just one carry on the season that came last week. he netted only two yards. but he hopes going up against the ravens who rank 28th against them, this will be his opportunity to shine. >> i can't wait. i mean, he's so electric -- electrifying. he puts his foot on the ground and goes. he wiggles out of hits, wiggles out of tackles. can't wait it throw him the ball, get him in the open field. you know, he's so much found watch in practice. like i said, it's been a long time coming. >> it feels good to see that a quarterback has faith in you. i've been patient. at this level you got to be patient. it's unfortunate that the injuries occurred, but you know, it's an opportunity for me. i'm going to try and make the most of it. >> reporter: it won't be easy for jones and the raiders. the ravens have not lost here in baltimore since december of
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2010. at m&t bank stadium, kate longworth, nbc bay area news. >> reporter: thank you. that will do it for now. don't forget tonight, cal and oregon. highlights coming up, diane? >> can't wait. cal's going surprise everybody. >> shock the world. >> thank you, henry. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. "tech now" is coming up next. we have a live studio audience tonight. a happy birthday to brianna and her family and friends. coming up next a myth-busting edition of "tech now," the hottest young entrepreneurs tell us their secrets to success. linkedin shows off its new tools to help you get a better job. a look inside the new operating system from microsoft. and we invite the mythbusters to show off a little. after all, it's their show because we're coming to you this week from the new mythbusters exhibit in the heart of silicon valley.


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